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Souvenir Plus Inc. stands as a proud importer, wholesaler, and retailer, specializing in a diverse range of products that capture the essence of Canada. From charming souvenirs to a stylish array of apparel, including T-Shirts, underwear, lingerie, and more, we are dedicated to providing quality products that reflect the beauty and spirit

Souvenir Plus Inc
Souvenir Plus Inc
Souvenir Plus Inc
Souvenir Plus Inc
Your Imagination, Our Canvas

Express Your Style, Print Your Passion

Welcome to Souvenir Plus Inc., where creativity knows no bounds, and every thread tells a unique story. Step into a world of personalized expression, where your ideas come to life on the fabric of your choice.

At Souvenir Plus Inc., we understand that every print carries a piece of your identity. Whether you’re a business looking to leave a lasting impression or an individual seeking to wear your passion, our printing expertise transforms ordinary garments into extraordinary canvases.

Easy to Create & Customize
Premium Quality T-shirt
1000+ Design Catalogue
Competitive Product Pricing

Vision on Grow Company


Our vision is to be the foremost destination for innovative and personalized expressions. We strive to inspire creativity, foster connections, and celebrate individuality through our diverse range of quality products and custom printing services.


Our mission is to provide unparalleled quality, exceptional service, and a seamless customization experience. Souvenir Plus Inc. is dedicated to being a trusted partner in helping individuals, teams, and businesses express themselves uniquely.


Primary goal is to continuously exceed expectations. We are committed to expanding our product offerings, refining our custom printing services, and ensuring competitive affordability. Our overarching goal is to become a household name synonymous with quality, innovation, and personalized expressions across Canada and beyond.

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At Souvenir Plus Inc., the question isn’t just about choosing a supplier; it’s about selecting a partner in your journey of expression, celebration, and quality. Here are compelling reasons why Souvenir Plus Inc. stands out

Make the right choice. Choose Souvenir Plus Inc. – where quality, diversity, customization, and Canadian pride converge to provide you with an unparalleled experience. Thank you for choosing us as your trusted partner in expression and celebration


Quality Assurance


Diverse Selection


Customization Excellence


Competitive Pricing

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